Customer Services: Social Media, Cloud, Big Data & IoT

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The sector of Experience the Customer is changing faster and faster, it is a fact that many big companies position to social networks as a communication channel with your customers and also by Cloud and Big Data technologies. On the other hand, we are seeing that most technological advances are focused to IoT “Internet of Things” which is becoming a more palpable reality.

Today’s contact centers have become more valuable to your customers, providing more complete services and becoming one of the most significant brand image for a company.

In view of the above, then I am going to develop the different challenges that companies customer sector and efforts or changes that need to be done to catch up with new technologies.

Social Media: Social Customer Care

As I have indicated, social networks are now a new channel of Customer Services for many companies, and why? Because according to  IAB and OBS Business school in 2015, in Spain 82% of Internet users have accounts on these socialbig data, iot, IoT, Internet of Things, marketing, community manager, CM, cloud, smartcities, loyalty, costumer services, SMM, socialmedia, social networks networks and 33% follow brands for customer engaged in social networks. Sitel According to another
study, 47% of social network users seeking customer in these media. These data are very significant, since 2/3 years ago the vast majority of users still brands to get discounts, promotions or gifts.

In addition, the use of mobile internet and social networks already exceeds by more than 80% of users, this data is revealing for optimizing web pages and generation of apps for these devices.

Finally, the trend of active users in social networks will increase in the coming years (between 6-8% increase every year between 2015 and 2018) and it is estimated that in 2018 users will have doubled compared with 2011 .

With these data on the table, most companies have in their organizations teams of Community Managers who are headed by a Social Media Manager responsible for developing the strategic Online Marketing Plan companies to Social Customer Care, community manager, redes sociales, seo, sem, marketing, ayuda, reflexión, empresas manage social networks, web / blog… Always showing the Social Media Plan to the clients and agreeing with them the argumentation necessary for these processes.

This change in the customer service is called: Social Customer Care, social networks as a channel for consumer attention is the new marketing and customer increasingly demands to be addressed through social networks, therefore, brands must be ready to face this new reality.

For this reason the Social Media Managers have an increasingly important role in organizations, bringing new business development strategies supported by the Marketing Content and active listening to customers, in order to be proactive and offer them a service adapted to them and with the highest quality possible.

Do you think that gives the customer benefits in social networks? Which?

For me, not only it brings benefits, but I see that now and in the future is a key channel for any companies that wants to offer service excellence to their customers. In my opinion, the benefits are:

  • Branding, if you’re not on social networks lose much visibility over competitors and you get to improve the image of your brand. Companies attending by these means, gain in credibility and are therefore important for the Social Costumer Care reputation of the brand and how to take care.
  • Customers gain in speed of response, if the Social Media Manager has done his job and has assembled a good team of CMs, customers will receive, almost immediatly answers without fighting with IVRs, waiting for him to attend, through from one department to another, etc …. customers are tired of this treatment.
  • Loyalty, if you make a good service, customers do not seek other brands and share useful content or good managins you’ve made with quality anf quickly, becoming a speaker brand and can get new future conversions.

In conclusion, tell you that the major sectors that committed for Omnicanalidad are:  Telecommunications, Tourism and Banking. In Spain there are good examples as the CMS team Movistar, ING, Vueling …. .


What is it?

The Cloud Computing is to provide services, systems and tools over the Internet. All information, processes, data, etc. are stored in the network, like a cloud big data, iot, IoT, Internet of Things, marketing, community manager, CM, cloud, smartcities, loyalty,
and so everyone can access to the complete information, without having a great infrastructure.

It’s a technology that takes about 9 years running, the company, which was a pioneer in using it, wasAmazon, but in recent years most companies and users have cloud services.

More info in Wikipedia: Cloud

What are the benefits?

  • Low cost: Significant savings in infrastructure, software licenses, etc. Free or fixed monthly payment tools without additional costs.
  • Access whenever and wherever you want, just with an Internet connection.
  • Real-time information, agility and speed.
  • Security: The data is always protected and accessible only to authorized users by the owner.
  • Flexibility: cloud system is designed to ensure the proper functioning to large spikes in workload.

What does the cloud offer?

The cloud services offer three resources depending on user needs: SaaS, IaaS and PaaS.


SaaS (Software as a Service)

Software as a service is one of the most popular modules in the cloud. They are software applications offered to customers / users, such as email, document storage services, web applications (CMS, CRM, payment systems, backups, …

PaaS (Platform as a Service)

It is a platform that provides infrastructure to application developers with a major advantage, cost savings.

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)

In this case developers have more control than in PaaS, because also manage the infrastructure. This resource is valid, for example to manage virtual machines.

What services are required by the Costumer Services?

One of the main required services are Multichannel platforms that are versatile in all types of business and offer management tools and WFM control to Contact Center and BPO, service statistics, monitoring tools, evaluation managers, time 24×7 coverage, high level security, … The Companies that provide these services usually offer different packages of solutions for greater adaptability to future customers.

Big Data

What is it?

It is often said that information is power and this period where billions and billions of data handled daily through social networks, public companies, private companies, media … it’s when the concept of “bulk data” is created, that is, to look for patterns in the Big Data through tools capable of providing information and relate thebigdata_lg data collected and help many companies to know their customers know their tastes, interests, priorities, problems… For all this, Big Data, has become a bet for many companies who want to use this data to be pro-active with customers and launch products in marketing campaigns supported by information provided by Big Data.

A clear example of data moving across the network, is that Twitter will create 12 terabytes daily of tweets and Facebook stores about 100 petabytes of photos and videos.

More info in Wikipedia: Big Data

What are the benefits?

  • Loyalty: increased customer satisfaction, we will be prepared to meet their demands.
  • Target Business, marketing activities will be focused in terms of who we will go.
  • Improved decision-making leading to a reduction of risks.
    It provides greater accessibility and flow of information within the company.
  • Cost savings: cloud storage of data, Long gone are the high costs of infrastructure storage of large amounts of data.


What are services required by the Costumer Services?

Betting on Big Data is a challenge, at first, expensive. So, in Spain only 4% of companies have it in their portfolio. The trend is that in the coming years Enterprise Deployment will grow 10-15%.

For the Service Centers these tools are very useful and even more it’s begun to hear the methodology of “Voice of Customer” consisting proactively pick up customer feedback to adapt the changes in their preferences and expectations, to maintein customers and increase them.

Forrester Research predicts an annual increase of 20% in the VOC for the coming years.

IoT, the Internet of things

What is it?

It is the trend that is revolutionizing the technology industry. Its basic definition is: the interconnection of any product / object to any other around them.

Internet revolutionized the world, to people, businesses and the IoT will be the next evolution of the Internet analyzing data become information for all services. Let’s say the IoT is the network of networks, the network responsible to comunicate to networks which already are implemented, for example, cars have their ownIoTSecurity network to start, engine operation, security systems … business buildings have a network for air conditioning, light system, security … Public Institutions have their own networks and what the aim is to join all these networks, which will change the way we communicate, educate, work, travel … ultimately, our life style.

At Wikipedia you can learn more about IoT.

Now you understand it better, Let me give you some examples of the changes that will be produced with the IoT.

Our home will be connected, our refrigerators would be able to measure the remaining food inside and instruct the depleted elements specified provider. You’ll never have to worry about buying milk, vegetables, eggs or our favorite soda. The refrigerator will continuously monitor the stock and act accordingly. If we are not at home and we left the windows open, if rains or strong winds are forecast, our sensor system will detect it and shut down. Also, our home to the temperature or energy consumption.

Another example may be the SmartCities, by means of sensors, cameras and smartcity_IoTother devices are able to control the exact need of water, electricity and cleaning in the city, and not to wait for red lights if no cars (the traffic lights will be intelligent), the cars will be increasingly more autonomous and we know where we have free parking place, at last!!

Add to that use in private companies, governments … the economic and social impact is great.

What are the benefits?

  • Effectiveness: this is the real value of the IoT: an economy and a more effective and efficient enterprises.
  • Pro-activity: data on devices allow anticipate customer needs.
  • Disclosure: the data of the connected objects, Big Data and collected in the relationship with the customer (Customer Intelligence) will define innovation and the improvement of services and products.
  • Personification: the relationship between companies and customers will be one-to-one. IoT moved the company to the daily life of customers transparent and valuable way.
  • Security: IoT will ensure a very high level of security to customers, while opening up new windows of vulnerability and exposure of our personal data.

What is the impact the IoT in Customers Service?

With the implementation of IoT in our lives, the customer will change significantly and to understand better let me give you some examples.

Today, if we lose the internet connection or any appliance is damaged we have to call the technical service of the company or home insurance that we have hired to solve the problem, with all that entails: calls, waiting, visit technicians to find the incidence, frustrations …. with IoT our household electrical appliances … have sensors which are able to anticipate failures in the system of the device and through alert messages warn the likely impact, and improve significantly ahead the Customer Service. With these advances the Contact Centers no longer call customers directly, they contact the machines through interconnected networks and will be a pro-active service avoiding time and costs  to customers. These service centers will change the way you work and do not receive many calls, but will have to perform from the center with information collected IoT.

Having said all that, the sector’s companies (Customer Services) should start directing their strategies towards “intelligence data” will no longer contact centers will become “Contact Data Centers

All this seems a science fiction movie, but I ask you: Did you expect the cars park alone 6 years ago ? And 3D printers?

Hope you interested in the post, if so spread.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Greetings and a hug,




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